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American artist Robin Barcus Slonina latest project is making a dress sculpture for all 50 states. The first of the bunch are New York ( trash bag dress (I can’t forgive her for that!)), Nevada (casino chips dress -sounds about right although, I’d add a fannypack to make it pop), Maine, (pinecone dress (imagine the little bugs crawling!) and Wyoming (willow dress- which should have been NY, because it could look like the bodies floating in the Hudson River after a mafia spat). I threw in the rest of the photos of her work like a feather duster dress (I would totally dust the house wearing that), beachball dress ( from the 99 cent store aka “that store with a lot of typos and effed up cheap stuff “), and sponge dress ( are you sponge worthy?). Check out her blog for more everyday crap turned couture.

photos: States of Dress

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