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Chrisrian Lacroix has a reputation of building an ensemble with so many different patterns and textures that may give onlookers a strained eye. In his 2009 Couture collection, Lacroix actually toned it down a bit (if you can believe it). No longer a circus show of the past, this collection was actually rich with embroidery fit for a Russian princess with Lacroix’ s signature  splash of bright colors and whimsy. My favorite from the entire collection is the first photo of a blue suit. That ensemble is sure to make any lady look like a porcelain doll, or Dita Von Teese, which in my book is the epitome of beauty. The one thing about Lacroix is his ability to maintain his signature look throughout all these years and still have people recognize his designs without looking at the tag or asking. That, to me, is a an achievement.

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I am a HUGE fan of headphones, not earbuds, but headphones. I feel like earbuds make my ear icky and my ears make the earbuds icky. I can’t win. So, headphones are great because they cover your entire ear and makes it feel all snuggly. Anway, here are Hair Headphones from the Japanese line Limi Feu  Spring 2009 show by French designer Clement Dauvant. These are great for those bad hair days! Usually with a bad hair day, you don’t want to talk to people , so the headphones would work perfectly. Princess Leia would rock these if she was around now. She wouldn’t have to do her hair every friggin’ day. Also , she could use R2D2 as an ipod. I wonder if I can make a pair with my trusty glue gun. 

photos: Dazed Digital 

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John Galliano never ceases to amaze me. So many wonderful creations from a man that could be mistaken for your neighborhood eccentric on a bike decorated with junk. But see, that is what makes Galliano’s designs  so cutting edge and fresh, everything he touches has a flair of punk and irony. That is why he is one of my most favorite designers of all time. He has the balls to take a classic French house like Dior and turn it upside down and gives us this. This is what fashion is about – recession or not. It’s about escaping and dreaming of this world of full ball gown skirts, meticulous embroidery and color fit for any storybook tale. Galliano was inspired by Flemish ( Belgium) and Dutch (The Netherlands) arts this season, most apparent in the embroidery and patterns at the bottom of the skirts. Voluminous sleeves and skirts dominated the collection, bringing evoking thoughts of a fairy tale princess. Bravo, Monsieur Galliano!

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Check out these heels from Alexander McQueen! They are the barefoot heel from his Spring 2009 collection. I think these awesome! However, I don’t like feet. But I guess these are an exception since they are mine. SO, if someone else were wearing these, I would totally become disgusted. But, if I were wearing these, I’d be fine and dandy. As you may already know, the only feet I like are my son’s. Everyone else’s is just nasty to me. I have a pair of Vivienne Westwood‘s Anglomania shoes that have the molded toes, but not in great detail with the nails , etc. . I have to say , I grabbed them when I thought my house was catching on fire…..They’re that awesome. That being said- I’m gonna be looking for these….

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Designer Inbar Spector’s 

Spring 2009 collection (shown in London) was a fit for anyone with a sweet tooth. Billowing Baby Blue gowns, Snowy White gowns and Classic Black Bouncy gowns  dominated the runway. I really like this collection because looks futuristic with a twist of whimsy via the colors (and non colors).  I  see a bit of Alexander McQueen in her collections, which we can never have too much of in this world. She is definitely one to watch.

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As I was clicking through the photos for Christian Dior’s Spring 2009 show, I was honestly falling asleep. The hemlines were short and flirty , but the fabrics and designs were not short of boring. Christian Dior is usually pretty hip and funky at times, but the last few seasons have been conventional mall wear. Tell me you won’t find similar clothes at Bebe… for  fraction of the price! The evening wear portion of the show included long flowy dress with a see-through fabric and swimsuit like bodysuit reminiscent of something Azzedine Alaia would have done in the early 90’s.  Anyripoff, Christian Dior remains to be one of my favorites, but it is slowly slipping down my short list. 

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Junya Wantanbe’s Spring 2009 collection was a mix of East Village crazy homeless meets an African villager. The only thing missing was the Basmati Rice Bag handbag and petruli. I’m not really a fan of this collection, but I get what Junya is trying to do. I’m glad she didn’t go all black like she usually does. So, this collection is really a step out of her box.  But, with that said , I must file this under hellafug…. , but I give her credit for trying. We’ll hang this right on the fridge, Junya. 

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