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Horseback riding, Gibson girls, and vintage Charles James gowns gave John Galliano his inspiration for his couture show. I am a big fan of the horseback-riding look, all the way down to the riding crop.  I think it’s an elegant sport, and horses are just so majestic and gentle. So naturally, I loved this collection. If I had a horse, it would be a white Arabian stallion. I would put a pink rhinestoned, unicorn horn on it for special occasions, like my birthday. I would name the horse Mr. Moosh. Basically, it would be my cat,  Mr. Marmar as a horse. I’m way off track here, but yes, I do think things through. Galliano is officially on my ‘Never can do eff up’ list.

photos: Style

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I really liked this collection because it was really feminine, edgy and modern all at the same time. The purple dress in the second photo is just gorgeous! Reminds me of a more toned down Viktor & Rolf dress. The Mongolian lamb fur in the first photo looks so fluffy and soft…sort of like my cat. Anything that reminds me of my cats in a big plus in my book. I really don’t know what’s up with the lampshade, though. I guess it goes with the edgy territory. Givenchy really impressed me this season.

photos: Style

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A Mexican theme ran through every vein of this collection. Sombreros? Check. Cigars? Check. Mariachi band? Check. All that was missing was tequila with a worm in it (nastiness!). As much as I want to love the collection because I really love Gaultier’s vision, I can’t. The collection wasn’t elegant enough to be passed off as a couture collection. However, there were maybe three looks towards the end that were really fantastic — one of which was a white corseted, over-the hips jacket with a hoop skirt covered lightly with brown and yellow brown feathers and a white feather crown to match (third photo). I still believe in Gaultier, though. Maybe he should lay off the margaritas for now. There is always next season.

PS- Here is Gaultier’s take on cats in corsets… I know, so RANDOM!


photos: Style, Wow

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rozalb-de-mura2 rozalb-de-mura3 rozalb-de-mura1

Romanian designer Olah Gyarfas designed these ‘costumes’ under his label, Rozalb de Mura. This is his Spring 2010 collection that doesn’t utilize any zippers or buttons. Everything is tied together with strings, which emits  a hobo/ gypsy air to the overall look. What a pain in the ass to tie. Anyway,this reminds me of that awful horror movie where a couple of hooded scarecrow-looking people lurk around in the dark at these people’s house. I only saw the trailer, but know it’s awful because who walks around with a burlap bag on their head in the damn middle of the night. What was that movie? I think it was The Strangers? Or that other movie with a killer scarecrow that terrorizes a high school.  Scarecrow ( ahahahahahaha- I’m in that!)  Wow, so many movies with that theme… Anyway, I’m gonna file this under hella fug.

photos: Trend de la Creme

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German (but, of course)  designer Patrick Mohr showed his Fall 2010 collection in Berlin and was clearly inspired by ‘roidy characters, clowns, bunnies, and the all-weather fabrics at Home Depot. Seriously, Pat must be ragged on so bad because of this ‘collection’.  Yeah, a ‘collection’ of sketchy characters. I tried to find more info on Pat, but dude is pretty much MIA on the internet. I guess he’s hiding out after this one. Anyway, he’s probably a kagillionaire  that likes to boggle the mind from time to time with crap like this. He’s probably giggling at the audience’s reaction during the show while he sips Perrier backstage. This could very well be the biggest prank in Berlin!

Here is his Spring 2010 collection below. Not as fupe as this one, but pretty much up there…

photos : Hollywood Rag

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Designer Dora Abodi from Budapest showed her Spring 2010 collection in New York recently. I totally appreciate the quirky, fupeness mixed with a dash of cute. Any collection that utilizes my mantra color, pink, is on my hit list. (Not in a Soprano’s kind of hit, by the way.) Anyway, girly and avant-garde, Dora seriously needs to call a ho at  Barney’s or Opening Ceremony.  This would be perfect for those stores. Check out her website for the cool intro page featuring a hot chick twitching as if she has Tourette’s. The deconstructed hand muff is pretty awesome! Perfect excuse for when you don’t want to shake hands with anybody.

photos: Dora Abodi

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British designer, Emma Bell, has a taste for the avant-garde, sweet and silly… exactly how I like it , too! For her Spring 2010 collection, Emma focused on the boobies, the shoulders and Hansel and Gretel. Nothing wrong with that. Although, I do love her past collections featuring wolves and gingerbread people. I think what I like most about Emma’s designs is that it incorporates gory children’s fables with bright colored clothes. She does a lot of collaborating with other companies, which explains the hamburger/pizza/carrot/egg cardigan that I saw at the Irregular Choice store in NYC a while back. I was super close to buying that, until my shopaholic sponsors veered me out of the store.

PS- It’s my birthday today , so may be it’s a sign that I should get that cardigan now?? Anyway, I’m planning a fancy dinner( El Pollo Loco?)  with my family and lots of Fancy Feast for my kitties. Why? Because we’re fancy like that. Here’s a shot of what’s coming to me today……


photos: Emma Bell

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