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Australian designer Di$count are probably the punkiest punks that ever punked! Studded leather jackets- check! Jewelry that can pry out an eye- check! Hair that would make a clown weep- check! I love every bit of their work, especially their tongue-in-cheek take on high fashion-Note the faux Chanel lining in that snakeskin motorcycle jacket. Every piece of work of handmade and unique. So, the thousands of studs were, in fact, laid in the jacket my hand. Their poor fingertips are crying, as we speak. Suffering for fashion is so PUNK! Fuck, Yeah!!! Check out their site for more cool stuff!

*Mental Note*- wear fingertip rings next time I walk around sketchy downtown LA.

photos: Di$count

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He would ROCK these! These are a very fine pair of sunglasses called the Barracuda from A-morir by Kerin Rose. Rihanna wore them in some video of hers. It’s okay for her to wear these because she has a bunch of people escorting her around , so she doesn’t really need to see. But for the escort-less, it may pose a potential problem. They claim that ‘they’re not see through but you can see through them’. Is that a damn riddle? I’m awful at riddles. These go for $350 and you need to pre-order it because I guess they’re expecting a stampede for glasses that block your vision. Don’t trip.

photos: A-morir

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