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Latvian fashion stylist/designer/illustrator Baiba LaDiga latest series include a creepy bunny (that looks kinda robotic and animatronic- actually Chuck E. Sleaze would totally adopt that one) running around the ‘hood looking for someone to harass for carrots. I really love the jacket with the poufy sleeves- so Victorian! That Chinese sign is totally throwing me off, though.  Here are another set of photographs by Baiba LaDiga ….

These are ‘The Birds’ series with dresses designed by LaDiga. Those are plastic strips on the dress so naturally a pleasant snap and crackle are heard as you walk. Pretty cool, huh?

photos: fashion 156

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Besides busting on designers on this here classy blog, I also moonlight as a fashion stylist. I gotta hustle for my kid’s cookies, candies and toys, right? No, I really love styling, especially if I am given the creative freedom to express my fashion dreams. I’m speaking codes right now. I’ll translate: As long as it’s not a Sears catalog, I’m happy( and there is an endless supply of Cadbury and tea at the craft service)! Anyway, I worked with photographer,Chelsea Hewitt, who I met through Sebastian International, a lovely makeup artist (who’s name escapes me) and a gorgeous German model (who’s name escapes me, also -shame on me!) that was sporting a Billy Idol do (loved it!) and was like a chameleon. We chatted about weinerschnitzels, Kauf-Hauf and Nuremberg- it was fantastic. I hope you enjoy these photos- these are all from my personal collection. Contact me if you have questions about the origin of any accessories- each has a little story behind it.

PS- See more of my fashion styling at my website under the Photos section. Be sure to turn on your volume and pet the kitty on the home page!

photos: Chelsea Hewitt Photography

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Fred Butler was an intern for ThreeAs Four at one point. He has moved on and dome some magnificent styling with photography by Elisha Smith-Leverock. 

I love anything shiny and glittery. So does my cat. My favorite is the first photo with the man in a bolero jacket. It’s like Liberace meets a bull fighter meets a mariachi band. Fun! 

PS- I bet the people in the 3rd photo can get HBO. (I can’t wait till Entourage and Little Britain USA start back up again.)


photos: Diane Pernet

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