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Japanese designer  Yuliya Wim Merlin creates whimsical knit creations that would make a cold, gloomy day smile. Being a fan of unique knitwear, Yuliya’s designs stood out from the rest of the ho-hum knitwear you see in some stores. I think the sushi sweater is brilliant, especially the 3D aspect of it. I would totally wear the piano dress to a fancy ballet recital or  something. The cherry dress looks very rockabilly and Betsey Johnson- ish.  Check out her Etsy shop. Can’t wait forSweataWheatha“!

photos: Yuliya Wim Merlin

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Herrrro Kitty is frying the friendly skies! Taiwanese airlines, EVA Airways, has a special Hello Kitty airplane that would make Mariah Carey  and me swoon! I’m gonna have to figure a way to go to Taiwan to fly on this masterpiece.  They should take this to next level and have bubbles blown throughout the aisles during the flight. I have to say the food looks nasty. I’d swipe the dinner napkin, though.Anyway, they need food like this:


While we’re on the subject of Hello Kitty, here’s how to live the Hello Kitty life:

hello-kitty-house SWEET!

hello-kitty-1_69 AWWWWW!

If that’s not enough sickly sweetness…

Click here for my Hello Kitty Birthday video on Twolia- TV!

photos: The Lipstick Diaries, Found Sh*t

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