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No, I’m not talking about that cobbler with a closet for a store that smells like feet and leather. I’m talking about Swedish fashion house Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. They design pretty laid back clothes, but their couture collection, “By the No” (I have no idea what that means, I was lost at Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, but stay with me anyway) is pretty cool. My favorite is the brown leather corset with the tumor on the hip. It looks like The Elephant Man meets Steampunk. It could also pass for those padded monstrosities by Rei Kawakubo. In any case, I like Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, however, I still have no idea where they got their name. If you know, please let me know because it’s the kind of stuff that I lose sleep over. Like it runs through my mind until I fall asleep. I need HELP! Solve this mystery for me!

photos: Fashion 156

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Helena Horstedt is a Sweden designer with major talent. All her clothes are handcrafted and made to order. Dripping in intricate folds and immense texture, Horstedt’s designs are understated , yet, dramatic. Although elegant black is her choice of color, it is anything but conventional. Hopefully, Horstedt can bring her magnificent designs to a store near you, but for now you must order through her website. Barney’s NYC should take note.

photos: Helena Horstedt

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