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The Amazing Transforming Oven Lounge” from Etsy seller WayOutHere

Rubber Ducky floating tea infuser

Inner beauty

Plug and Socket rings

Pixel Pour 2.0 photographed by BenjaminNorman on Mercer Street in New York City

Eric Tryons skeletal bicycle- Creeeeepy!


So here are some cool and weird stuff that I’ve been meaning to post about separately but decided to throw all the strange and unusual into one post. I know, it’s like one huge bizarre post but trust me it’s better this way- get the crazziness out of the way!

-Anywho, I think the most peculiar one is the Oven Lounge- whoever made that has a bounty on his head from Betty Crocker. Sh*t’s gonna get real when she shows up with an electric mixer, rubber gloves and a a tub of lard at his front door. I don’t even know where I’m going with that one so let’s get on the next one.

-Rubber Duckies are cool especially ones with tea leaves up their whoo-has. Ha ha.

-The Inner Beauty shirt is definitely a cannibal’s dream menu. Just add Chianti and fava beans. Yeah, so I necessarily wouldn’t wear that.

-Plug and Socket ring is a nice alternative to those cheezey broken heart necklaces. Except it seems the plug has the upper hand in most violent situations.I’ll take the plug.

-Check out the cool street art on Mercer St. in NYC – although it’s probably hidden under the snow and ice right now.

-Ride the skeleton bike… perfect for causing car accidents and freaking out small children and the elderly. The head and arms move when you make a turn.


photos: like Cool

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bazaar-beauty yacht dsc02135 bow_cuff_view1_thumb

Check out these cool shirts and accessories from Trash & Luxury. Designer Hushi Mortezaie (from Michael & Hushi) has injected his avant-guarde, pop culture  style into wearable t-shirts that are cut brilliantly and feel incredibly soft and luxurious.  For days that call for a simple t-shirt, but still want to make a fashion statement, this is it. This affordable, fashion- forward line is available at Kitson, Patricia Field and other trendy stores across the US. Check out their charming accessories, too!

photos: Trash & Luxury

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This is Fantastic! Obama is gonna RUN DC- get it? RUN-DMC? RUN DC?… anyway , you can buy this piece of awesomeness here for ony $20. You can pair it with your fat lace sneakers, adidas track pants and a gold chain for a more authentic hip -hop look… or wear it under a suit for a killer twist on a classic. 

photo: Josh Spear

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I came across this site and thought, ‘Oh, Hell no.’

Here is a t-shirt with faux arm pit hair and the panties to make the perfect German match. Why Germany, you say? On a trip to Germany during my youth, I distinctly remember women would roam the city in full on fur under the arms and legs. I still have this one image of this really pretty lady getting on the bus and lifting her arm to grab the handle and *gasp* , her pits had never seen a razor… then another fairly attractive lady had a short skirt with nude colored stockings only to reveal suffocating strands of hair on her leg.. not stuble…. but strands, I say.

I mean, I’m victim of the ‘I’m too lazy – it’s too cold out to shave- I’m gonna be wearing pants anyway- i’ve got my period, so fupe it’- excuses , but I think it was an everyday thing in Germany and it was fairly common. So, I thought it must run throughout Europe… 

On one of trips to France about 10 years ago, I thought, let me take advantage of this time to grow out all my hair, so I can wax it off when I get back to the states…. well, apparently, I was the one getting stares…. so I caved and shaved after 5 days…. 

photos: Miss & Lady’s Boutique

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