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Artist Erika Simmons latest work is called “Ghost in the Machine” and that is exactly what it is. The ‘machine’ of the cassette tape is transformed into iconic, mostly dead (‘ghost’), legends using the innards of the cassette tape. That is pretty clever and steps up to a new level of awesomeness. She also uses old movie reels to recreate movie legends like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. I remember when I was a kid (by kid , I mean last week) I used to dissect the inside of a cassette tape and make ‘facial hair’ (and other hair) and act a fool. Basically, all those Color Me Badd tapes, Martika tapes and Bell Biv DeVoe tapes took on a new life as strings of beard, mustache and arm pit ‘hair’. At least for a few minutes. Anyway, at least Erika is putting it to good use. I wonder if she has a Prince one… that would be rad in my dining room.

photos: Erika Simmons

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These are my picks from Brooklyn store, Fred Flare, this month:


-A Hostess cupcake coin purse for the Hostess with the Mostest! 

-A gold retainer necklace to remind you of your nerdy days in High School.

-A tape roll full of Babushkas, just because.

-Panda ear buds for the violent , yet cuddly site of you.(and me)

-Tulip adapter cords to make all your electronic wires look purdy.

-A glass water bottle perfect for the dinner table. Just keep a mental note its glass, not plastic !


Most of these items are under $50. Except the gold retainer necklace- it’s slightly more.

photos: Fred Flare

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Whenever, I visit NYC , I make sure I stop by Girl Props in Soho. With its zebra pattern facade, It’s  hard to miss on West Broadway and Prince Street. Here are a few of my favorite picks. I think I got into the comic book look after I went to Comic-Con in San Diego this past summer , not to mention the exhibit at The Met , ‘Superheroes- Fashion & Fantasy’. I wrote an article on it here. For an avid synth-pop fan like myself, the keyboard is perfect! I dig the tape , too… I used to make mixed tape all the time. You could even hear myself stopping the tape on the tape. I recorded music from everywhere, my friends’ tapes, the radio, off MTV. Then the CD came and fuped it all up. But in a way, the CD was cool because you could skip to your favorite song and rewind in one button. But, then the ipod came and that was a stroke of Genius! I don’t even listen to the radio or MTV anymore- it’s like I have MY world of music without having to wait through a god awful song to get to a better one! I like that. 

photos: Girl Props

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