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Check out this ingenious bike! I always wondered what people with bikes and motorcycles do when they go food shopping or have to buy something oversized from Target. Do they rent a truck or something? Do they just eat out everyday? Well, for those cyclists who do eat and furnish their apartments, here is a bike that lets you carry your stuff around, including your kids! It retails for about $1300. I would love one of these if I didn’t have a bike phobia. Yes, feet, feta cheese and now bikes. Only because my brother ran over me with a bike when I was 4. Don’t ask. And, I feel like I’m gonna crash into something while I’m riding one especially when you have to turn. It’s too bad because I have a Hello Kitty bike (a gift from my lovely husband) sitting in the garage. It’s really the phobia of getting hit by a car, too. I’m just scared of everything , aren’t I?

photos: Madsen Cycles

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Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite designers because he makes the most fupe looking clothes look desirable. He has pushed the boundaries (once again) by taking houndstooth and tweeds and turning them upside  down, inside out and around creating a completely new and fresh look. With umbrella hats and trash bag inspired fabrics, McQueen made the strange , chic. McQueen sent out models with exaggerated lips (could be candy lips?) and towering heels beckoning the podiatrists back into our lives. Once ensemble resembled a feather straightjacket! Genius- she literally went Cuck-coo! The question is – is it wearable? Why the hell not!? The world is crumbling, but at least we have our clothes! 

PS- Alexander McQueen has released a budget friendly collection this month at select Target stores- be sure to check it out!

photos: Style

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