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The talented Andrea Kett sent me a link to this wonderfully, whimsical website called Undergrowth Design. They sell brilliant tea sets with dangling legs that I may have to break the bank to add to my collection. I already have the Alice in Wonderland tea set and the Bailey’s winking boy and girl set, but this would easily trump all of it as the most precious! The quirky upside down dress as a sundae dish and spoon legs are a great addition to anyone’s china cabinet. Even Grandma would giggle and blush!  Check out Undergrowth Design for more cool stuff. I’m gonna have to order some before I explode.

photos: Undergrowth Design

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Lindsay Pemberton has found a new use for old teacups- She cuts and sands (hopefully!) them down to make porcelain bangles. I think that’s a cool idea, except for the fact that they are porcelain so you have to walk really slow and make no sudden movements for fear of a bloody wrist. This is not baby, cat or husband friendly jewelry. Basically, you wear this while sitting at home while watching TV- and not just any TV ,but something calm and boring,  like a marathon of ‘Masterpiece Theater’, because you don’t want to cut yourself while laughing , pointing or changing the channel. Actually, this belongs on a corpse to be on the safe side. 

photos: Lindsay Pemberton

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