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Humans Since 1982 must have seen one too many Japanese horror movies. When I first saw this, it took me a good 5-7 minutes to realize that the eyes are actually a hair clip. So, that photo is actually the back of some lady (or lady dude’s head). Creepy, huh? That’s something to wear in a really long line of people. Either you’ll get lots of compliments or  side-eyes reserved for lunatics. Anywho, these are limited edition with only 50 and cost $90. I say just cut out a magazine with your choice of celebutard eyes and tape it to the back of your head. Voila! Or order them here.

photos: Billionaire Boys Club

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Designer Lisa Shahno has come up with a completely cool collection called ‘Squaring the Square’. It’s like wearable origami. I like when fashion is surpasses texture and style and takes it beyond to the dimensional. Remind me to stick some  hot pink spikes on the side of my head seeing it’s now acceptable judging from these photos. So cooooool! However, the ‘cousin it‘ hair  ( or this scary chick) looks ominous. Maybe she’s in the Witness Protection Program. Anyway, love love love this collection. Lisa’s one to watch!

photos: Kingdom of Style

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