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I don’t think these sweaters by designer, Timothy James Andrews are frumpy at all. Before I go on, this dude has 3 first names. Moving on, Timothy worked for Burberry at one point so that makes him really good. I love the first photo with the red sweater and the goblet sleeves. It reminds me of The Tudors. Damn,  James knows how to knit! I have a French Aunt that can knit like nobody’s business! It’s too bad we live in hot California. Although, I’m not digging the balls in the second photo… they could look obscene.

photos: Timothy James Andrews

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So, H & M is the poor girl’s Neiman’s , but fashion isn’t about price- it’s about what looks good on you, because some people (including myself) could make a trash bag look chic. Anyway, when I go into H & M, and I see a piece I like from far away and then I rush up to it and then, feel it – I get discouraged. The entire store could go up in flames in 4 nanoseconds because everything is polyester. But , it looks good about 8-10 feet away, usually. Like in Clueless, it’s a ‘Monet’- A masterpeice from afar, but a mess close up. So, I like what I see above, but am afraid of what it feels and looks like in person. Having said that, I will probably pick up the jacket in the 6th photo. It looks so Tudors-ish.


photos: Nitroliscious

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Usually, when you mention anything Renaissance, images of the tacky King’s Richard’s Faire conjure up in your head. As soon as I found out you had to wait in a line to pay to get Coins and then stand in another  line again to pay with the Coins for food, I was seriously disappointed. It really was the Renaissance! That and also the cloaked deep, dark, depressed, zit-faced boy behind me.  But anyway,  amazingly, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana pull the look off looking anything but tacky. With an Operatic air, these dresses are fit for anyone at any age (granted you have nice legs).  I love the first outfit the best. The last photo shows a fur shawl that I adore- It looks like something out of  The Tudors… or the Flintstones. I still eat Flintstone vitamins along with my son. The purple are the best. Anyway, I always confuse Versace with D&G. I think Versace is more like cougar-wear. D&G is waaaaaay better. 

photos: style

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