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The cutest kitty on earth ( Mr. Marmar just gave me the evil eye) turns 35 this year! In celebration of this milestone, LA based, Japanese cosplay cafè, Royal- T, transformed their space into the magical and kitchy land of Hello Kitty and called it Hello Kitty: Three Apples. Various artworks from famous contemporary artists covered the walls paying homage to the curiously, cute feline with the oversized red bow.  On display were relics from past Hello Kitty merchandise going as far back as 1974 and fashion pieces made with Hello Kitty. As you may know, I am a humungous Hello Kitty fan, so walking into the space gave me sensory overload like no other kind. Basically, I want ape sh*t. I even bought the oversized, vinyl red bow headband for myself (and Mr. Marmar). If you are in the area, RUN to see this…. this is a must see for any Hello Kitty fan!

Click here to check out the video of the Hello Kitty exhibit for people who can’t get to LA before they remove the show.

Mr. Marmar

Mr. Marmar

photos: Moi!

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