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Fur Fur‘s Spring 2011 Collection was a plethora of BOWS!!!! You may already know that the world and time stops infinitely for me when I see a Bow on a head or dress because I just love them so! It’s like when Mr. Marmar hears the shake of the snackums bag. He freezes and then pitter patters towards the snack like he’s denying he’s been OWNED by a lousy snack bag. Then he gobbles everything up in 10 seconds.Cat snacks aside, Fur Fur has introduced an adorable collection of Snoopy (or Snooby!), BOWS and that hairdo from the 1960s that you can recreate on Yearbook Yourself. I love love love this collection! Check out Japan Streets for cool photos from the Japanese streets and local fashion shows.

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Fashion students from over 61 different countries competed during Tokyo Fashion Week at New Designer Fashion Grand Prix. Yuya Miura was awarded the Grand Prix prize (her looks are the top two photos).

I have to say these fashion students are sometimes better than the top designers only because they can really design what they want and not feel constrained by financiers and the pressure to sell that collection afterwards. Yay for students who don’t give an eff!

By the way, that “hat on a hood” look in the 3rd photo is the bizarro version of something I do when I roll out of bed and drop off my kid off at school.

photos: fashion 156

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Japanese stylist Mita Shiniti  had a crap load of  Nike Dunks that he made into these glorious works of art shown in Tokyo. I think this is a wonderful way to recycle sneakers, granted you can get rid of the foot funk smell. Lucky for the museum patrons, they were brand new sneakers or the museum would have passed out gas masks. Anyway, this is super cool.

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photos: Hypebeast

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9 h (Nainawasu) is a new capsule hotel in Kyoto, Japan that claims to be luxurious for a mouse. So, here’s the rundown:

– you get a one hour shower (uh, that’s what you call a Nazi shower! I take 2 hours eeeeaaasy! Those legs don’t shave themselves.)

-You have 7 hours to sleep ( um, cruel! Everybody needs 12-13 hours- everybody knows that, even cats.)

-One hour to get ready in the morning ( no time to hit the snooze button again and again… and again!)

And then, they boot your ass out. All for about $50- ish.

So there’s no TV, no radio, no companion, no mirror.- just you, yourself and you. This sounds like a warm mortuary for the undead.

Would you stay in a hotel like this? I think I’d have more fun sleeping at the Port Authority. Although, if I was freezing, then yes.

Photos: DesignBoom

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Alexis Mabille is a relative newcomer in the Haute Couture world and has proven himself (it’s a dude) to be in it for the long haul. That icy blue color is reminiscent of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ , which is one of my favorite books! I can’t wait for the Tim Burton film to come out by the way!  These flirty and feminine designs are like a grown up Sweet Lolita from Japan. Speaking of, I have one of my friend’s has several of the sweet lolita dresses from Japan and was wondering if it’s odd for a thirty something to wear it ? I ‘m just asking to see if I look foolish my friend would look silly. Please tell me if it looks ridiculous on me on her. Click here for photos of my doppelganger wearing a Sweet Lolita dress.

photos: Style

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Marc Jacob’s mouse flats celebrate a decade of decadence by collaboration with the artist , Kaws. These lmited edition (only 200 pairs in the world) can be found at Marc Jacobs boutiques, Colette in Paris and OriginalFake in Tokyo. I like them but I prefer the sketched Marc Jacobs mouse flats.  I got them in white. I had to get them because my nickname is  Moosh and  of course, Moosh  means ‘mouse’ or ‘cute’ in Farsi. So it was a purchase of necessity- yeah, that’s it….. 


Photos courtesy of Colette, Paris and vinylabuse


Check out Tomoko Sawada’s exhibition at Colette in Paris November 3-29, 2008. Photos of the artist in the Harajuku style are on display. When I went to Japan for my honeymoon 5 years ago, I knew this look would take a while to catch on in the US. But , I guess it’s starting to trickle over here, finally. I have a few pieces by Shirley Temple Cute and Milk that I have been wearing here in the States and I feel like people don’t understand this look. I guess because it looks childish. But you know what , Fupe them! I love it! By the way, if you like Japanese style and  you’re in Culver City, CA- Check out a cafè called Royal-T.


Photo courtesy of Colette, Paris


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