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Here’s a some cool stuff I found at Brooklyn shop, Fred Flare this month:

1. Lady umbrellas for those wonderfully, cozy rainy days. I like the middle one most. Hopefully, the head doesn’t pop off during severe storms.

2. The Tulip USB hub. Fantastic for the garden-challenged, but the tech-savvy. I’ll take two.

3.Russian Doll measuring cups. It may inspire you to make borscht and piroshkis. Or not.

4. The submarine teabag. Cleverly designed, this little sub can brew a any variety tea. And, of course it’s yellow.

There you have it!

photos: Fred Flare

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Alexander McQueen is one of my favorite designers because he makes the most fupe looking clothes look desirable. He has pushed the boundaries (once again) by taking houndstooth and tweeds and turning them upside  down, inside out and around creating a completely new and fresh look. With umbrella hats and trash bag inspired fabrics, McQueen made the strange , chic. McQueen sent out models with exaggerated lips (could be candy lips?) and towering heels beckoning the podiatrists back into our lives. Once ensemble resembled a feather straightjacket! Genius- she literally went Cuck-coo! The question is – is it wearable? Why the hell not!? The world is crumbling, but at least we have our clothes! 

PS- Alexander McQueen has released a budget friendly collection this month at select Target stores- be sure to check it out!

photos: Style

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Here are some cool umbrellas I came across … the first 2 are from Jean Paul Gaultier, The third photo is a collection by lingerie designer, Chantal Thomass . The Fourth photo is some dumbass in Asia that wants to be hands free for what ever reason and the last photo is my personal favorite, The gun umbrella by Alex Wooley. The gun fills with rain water so you can have a water fight on the street with whoever bumps into your umbrella. I like that. 


photos: Design Boom

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DiCesare Designs, a Toronto based deisgner,  has a line of parasols that are inspired by a sea shells. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics, including lace and ruffles for a girly victorian look to sherbet colors , like raspberry for a more modern look. They range from $300-400. Living in sunny California, I carry parasols on a regular basis to protect my skin from the blazing sun. I feel sunscreen is not enough and honestly, I think sunscreen can be sticky and icky , especially on the face. I would totally carry one of these because you would ensure that you’re not going to hit anyone in the face while you’re walking down the street as I have many times, accidentally and intentionally. And why don’t I wear a hat you say, because it fupes up my hair and sometimes I can’t see where I’m going. So, next time you see someone with a parasol, please don’t point and laugh because it may be me!

photos: parashell

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As an avid collector of brass knuckles or knuckle dusters, this umbrella/ brass knuckle called The Umbuster is right up my alley! It is considered a weapon and you may need a  license to carry this around in some parts, but at least you know you’re covered if a roving gang of hooligans want to mug you.  I have brass knuckles covered in rhinestones, copper ones, and of course gold ones. Jean Paul Gaultier made a purse a while back with the handle as brass knuckles and so did James Piatt recently (retails for $85). 

by James Piatt  by Jean Paul Gaultier


photo: interior design room , style list, fashion tribes

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