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The annual ‘What you won’t ever see at a Victoria’s Secret store’ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show came and went and I completely missed it. Usually, I mark my calendar for this crap, but due to lack  of interest, I didn’t. The only outfit that I found remotely cool was the first photo of a steampunk pair of wings and Sherlock Holmes-y corset dress. The rest looked like a craft show from all the Project Runway rejects- a complete Cheeeeeeze fest with a side of hooch. Seriously, you walk into a Victoria’s Secret and none of these runway pieces are there- it’s just a bunch of sweatpants with ‘Pink’ written on the butt, padded bras (so 90’s) and a bunch of little pink dogs here and there. Sorry for being such a Grinch, but after you watch this video, you will see why I think Victoria’s Secret is on the lame side.

So, today is the moment of truth of whether I was naughty or nice this year. Mr. Marmar decides.


Mr. MarMar - look at dat fathe!

Have a Merry Holiday full of food, stuff and more stuff!

photos: CBS, me


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It’s Christmas! And I leave you with photos of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Miami. I look forward every year to the Fashion Show and am amazed by all the work put into these skimpy, beautiful outfits. Of course, this show entices me to go into a Victoria’s Secret at the mall and realize that it is vastly different than what was shown on TV.  I always like Victoria’s Secret but they should mass produce some of the showy outfits that are in their fashion shows. I don’t know where I would wear them , but  would love to see some of them hanging in my closet!

Well, have a lovely holiday, give thanks, and regift !



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