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This looks looks like the porn version of The Sound of Music (or Sister Act, depending on your taste). Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Photographer Cedric Buchet shot this editorial for Paris Vogue featuring a nun with claws like a Guidette on MTV’s Jersey Shores. I’m totally guilty of having nails like that in a former lifetime. I took them off when I was classified as handicapped according to my brother. I couldn’t type or wipe my ass.  Anyway, this is why I LOVE Paris Vogue! One part effed-up, one part couture! That’s how I like my couture, by the way. Imagine this chick teaching you catechism. Hawt! And look- she’s wearing that voodoo skull of Dior in the fourth photo! So sinister. Nuns gone rogue!

photos: Refinery 29

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