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recreating a Bjork look!

Princess Leia... yes, that's a bathrobe.

Padme wiglet

mini Bjork Buns

Single ballet-style bun


A little box of greatness was sitting at my doorstep again the other day. Yes, a box of hairstuff by the illustrious Tressa the Hairdressa!!! This time it was Princess Leia buns, Bjork buns, a Padme bun and a Dragonfly hairclip that were sent! I love these buns because it has a net underneath that allows you to just put your hair up and then place the buns over your own hair. It’s really fuss-free and you don’t have to have hair down to your butt to do it. Win-Win, dahhhling. Anyway, the Bjork buns are my favorite because I used to wear Bjork buns in high school. Except I had to use like a trillion bobby pins to keep it up. The upside was that I always had a bobby pin for any occasion, like picking a lock or something. Check out the Dragonfly hairclip made of hair! That’s pretty killer! And for all the Star Wars fanatics, the Princess Leia buns and Padme bun is puuuurrrrrfect for your next Comic-Con adventure or just any occasion involving geeks. Check out Puppycatmeow’s etsy shop for her new creations!

photos: booboo, fifi

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So I had a nice package of goodies waiting for me again courtesy of hair extraordinaire, Tressa the Hairdressa! She has a store on Etsy called Puppycatmeow, in case you haven’t seen my older posts. This time she made HUMAN HAIR bangs for me and HUMAN HAIR color extensions. Human hair is pretty damn special, if you ask me. Some Indian woman sacrificed her hair during one of her breaks at her telemarketing job. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the hair on my head belonged to the same damn bill collector that calls me during dinner time? That sh*t should be a movie. Wait, it is! Anywho, the talented Tressa also fulfilled my wishes by making pom-poms or “hairballs” (as Tressa calls them and Mr. Marmar approves) for my head. There are 2 small ones and one big ball! I love love love them. My most favorite is, of course ,the bangs- I did victory curls to look like a manic Stepford Wife or Sally Jupiter in the first photo and then a Bettie Page do for a Rockabilly look (3rd photo). In the 6th photo is a ponytail/fall, that prompted my 5 year old son say, “you look like a princess”. He asked for candy straight after that. The clip-in human hair strands in a variety of wild colors are also available at Puppycatmeow. Above, I wear blue as an ode to Smurfette and white as an ode to…. an old lady, I guess? Check out Puppycatmeow for more amazing stuff!

Photos:  Felix

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If you ever wondered what it would look like if Bollywood vomited all over the Chrylser Building in the far future, look above. I can’t hate on this because I would totally wear this to the fun fair. There’s a 90’s club kid aspect that I can totally appreciate. The wigs are the bomb! I like the choppy, uneven bangs- nothing says sexy like a flash of forehead. Anyway, I do like Manish Arora‘s designs because he definitely marches to his own tune and isn’t afraid of color like some designers. Who cares if you look like a Toucan Sam! The world is not a funeral! Yay for Manish!

photos: Style

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il_fullxfull128422310 il_430xn130173152il_430xn130122855il_430xn129526899il_430xn129386116il_430xn128688634il_430xn129287187il_430xn128554605il_430xn129218013

I know – it’s an overload of ME! Sorry… But I just was so excited by these hair pieces that ‘Tressa the Hair Dressa’ made for me! I mean, they totally match my real hair and gives me an excuse to just throw on a hair piece than actually do my hair. I may never do my hair again. So, starting from the top:

– The Faux Hawk- I got all British Punk for that photo. I hope you can’t see my mom jeans.

-The single braid with bed head- seriously, I was groggy when Felix*  took my photo.

-The Knotty Braid headband- love that name!

-The ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ braids- I tried to blink my way away, but it didn’t work.

-The Wowwy Zowwy braid- It’s so long- I was afraid to go to the bathroom with it.

-My personal favorite- The ‘bird’s nest’ like Marie Antoinette! The nest is made out of hair! Everyone needs a bird’s nest in their hair sometimes.

– The Totally Twisted headband- I was channeling an elegant Axl Rose.

-The large Rosettes- for that ‘old-timey’ look or the ‘I just baked muffins for strangers while on speed’ look.

-And last but not least, A single braid headband- perfect for everyday use.

Click here for Puppycatmeow‘s shop. Seriously, ‘Tressa the Hairdressa’ is the master! And she’ll make it in your hair color!

*This is Felix27230_373015688942_747433942_5081725_2840894_n

photos: Felix/ E

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alena-akhmadullina-fall-2009-1 alena-akhmadullina-fall-2009-2 alena-akhmadullina-fall-2009-4

Russian Designer, Alena Akhmadullina incorporated Beyonce’s wigs into her Fall fashion 2009 collection. No , I don’t know if they are Beyonce’s , but they sure are hairy. The second photos is wrong in every way. If you’re going to do the hair trims on any piece of clothing, DO NOT put it anywhere near your groin/vajayjay area. Anywho-ha, Alena didn’t follow those heartfelt suggestions and look (above) what happened! Many designers have fallen for this trend that must die. Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Rykiel and Jean- Charles de Castel-Bajac are all guilty. Off with their… Hair?

photos: Trend de la creme

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Check out these wigs from costume designer Kate Cusak! The last photo is an ‘I do’ wig. I know of only one crazy bride that would wear this and she’s a he- Lady Bunny! These are super cool for Halloween, Bastille Day, Bar Mitzvah’s, Proms, Gay Pride Parades and of course, weddings…These remind me of a Marie Antoinette wig that I bought from Ricky’s Beauty Supply that was a grey-ish- white in the front , but then you turned it to the back it was all Rainbow! Obviously, it was for a tranny , but I saw it’s potential as a wig for a young lady like myself. So, I went ahead and bought it and spray painted the back of it with white spray paint. It took a month to dry. It still doesn’t look right, so when I wear it I just keep my back to the wall. Ahhh, the things I do for fashion..

photos: kate cusak

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