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British designer, Emma Bell, has a taste for the avant-garde, sweet and silly… exactly how I like it , too! For her Spring 2010 collection, Emma focused on the boobies, the shoulders and Hansel and Gretel. Nothing wrong with that. Although, I do love her past collections featuring wolves and gingerbread people. I think what I like most about Emma’s designs is that it incorporates gory children’s fables with bright colored clothes. She does a lot of collaborating with other companies, which explains the hamburger/pizza/carrot/egg cardigan that I saw at the Irregular Choice store in NYC a while back. I was super close to buying that, until my shopaholic sponsors veered me out of the store.

PS- It’s my birthday today , so may be it’s a sign that I should get that cardigan now?? Anyway, I’m planning a fancy dinner( El Pollo Loco?)  with my family and lots of Fancy Feast for my kitties. Why? Because we’re fancy like that. Here’s a shot of what’s coming to me today……


photos: Emma Bell

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