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Los Angeles -based Beat Up Creations just knows what the public wants- vintage china plates with Gizmo right in the center! This makes tea time such a treat with a bear-faced Marie Antoinette staring back at you through a scatter of scone crumbs! *Swoon*! My favorite has to be the Elizabethan ET or the cat in uniform. Hell! They’re ALL my favorite. Beat Up Creations also does zombie portraits, so make sure to check out their Etsy store. There were seriously too many to post, but they ALL are just lovely and kitschy! Aaaaaand , they are all upcycled. Brilliant work!

photos : Beat Up Creations

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If you like the works of David LaChapelle, then you will LOVE the works of Brian Walker. This Australian contemporary digital artist uses fashion as a canvas and adds his own sick touches. That’s what I’m talking about it!! Finally, someone who plays around with fashion photos and spits our colorful gore with a touch of kitsch. Yesssssssssss. Anyway, check out his site called “Lick the Sun” for a plethora of fantastic artwork, including a chick shaving pieces of flesh off herself, superlong eyelashes, and a zombie kit. This is stuff  that would look amazing hanging above the fireplace.

photos: Brian Walker

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